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CJ Logistics RT Myanmar News

Opening ceremony 2015

CJ Warehouse and CJ Trucks

#. Appendix Additional Investment Signing Ceremony

  • CJ KX RT Myanmar was established through the Joint Venture agreement between CJ Korea Express Asia Pte. Ltd. and Road Transport, Ministry of Transport and Communications in Myanmar since Sep, 2015.
  • Now on 02nd Now, on 02nd May, 2017, the company name of the jointed side was changed to ‘CJ Logistics Asia Pte. Ltd.’
  • Thus, this Joint Venture Company CJ KX RT Myanmar will be renamed as ‘CJ Logistics RT Myanmar Co., Ltd.’ with the approval notification no. 12/2018 from MIC.
  • According to meet the standards of ‘Company Logo’ on trucks of each entity in the worldwide, we are going to change the new Logo ‘CJ Logistics RT’ on our trucks, within this year, 2018.

Physical and emotional safety working environment of People (Our staff, drivers, labours, vendors, customers etc)

During Covid 19 restrictions period, control strictly for entrance and exit, cleaning and disinfecting truck is more crucial to our safety.

According to the Ministry of Health and sports, both inside and outside of the trucks will be disinfected to ensure that the virus does not stay attached to some objects and later find their way to humans.

Measures decided upon by the COVID-19 taskforce include; the adoption of the relay system by truck drivers and the mandatory
use of personal protective equipment like masks and face shield by all drivers all the time.

Also, domestic trucks should have only two people and wear mask all the time.

And security check the temperture for entrance and exit.

We make sure wear suitable PPE such as gloves and a face mak, to protect the cleaning personnel from disinfecting solutions.

We also disinfect warehouse and whole CJ compound fumigation and disinfection to protect virus.

Employees, customers, suppliers and the persons who want to enter in CJ Logistics warehouse must be wear semi PPE like below picture.

    Semi-PPE for covid-19 include:

  • Hair protector or cover
  • Face shield
  • Face mask
  • Hand glove

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.
This includes forklifts, reach truck, tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks with alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol will work.

Hand must need proper washing ways at least 20 seconds in 30 minutes. Monitoring the health status of all employees. Wearing a mask all the time and an employee must measure temperature when entering the office, and disinfect by washing hands.